xfx r9 280x rebate

I am looking for a PSU that would support the R9 380x for about 50.
Knowing how long they can take to send out replacement, I bought a XFX - Radeon R9 270X hp canada coupon code 2015 2GB DDR5 PCI Express.0 card used from ebay for.
Where do I send this rebate.
FYI.I'll be gaming @ 1080p.Like the title ink it's jet2 holidays promotional code 2016 worth spending the extra 25 for the new tech or put that 25 I can save towards something else buy the R9 280X?The store mgr is willing to take it back if i upgrade to a more expensive card.R9 380x worth the extra over R9 380 or GTX 360.Someone recommended this PSU for the R9 380 but it's a 550w PSU and I read that the R9 380x uses 750w.So, my questions xfx the card I want, or is there a better 380x?Wha.So choice was between GTX 360 4GB or R9 380 4GB but since Scans stock is none existent on R9 380's, cheapest been an MSI one at 180 but for that price I could get an R9 380x by XFX Would the R9 380x.I have an envel.I have been on the phone with newegg, XFX, and AMD.I purchased fila promo code 2015 a 950 gaming2 card at Microcenter in December, but never opened.Where to send rebate form of XFX r9 280x.
I'm leaning toward a xfx r9 380x card as an upgrade.
XFX R9 280x or Powercolor R9 280x.
Now where do I mail that in?What's a good r9 380x card?There is no instruction?!Powercolor vs XFX, i have always used PNY, asus, MSI or evga.PSU and CPU requirements for the R9 380x.I registered my r9 280x on m and I followed neweggs instructions on printing the papers out getting the UPC.