winner of gerber photo contest 2014

There are six milestone winners was voted by fans and a panel of Gerber coupon code for name bubbles judges picked the children's place online coupon canada grand price winner.
Parents and guardians enter photos of their children by uploading it to Gerber's Facebook page.Even though this year we have actually 2 winners but the grand prize is still the same as usual 50,000 plus other prizes as well.While most understood that the contest was just for fun, there were others who would leave comments that made it seem like the end of the world if their child didnt win.Read about it here.Now dont go relying on my theory.The very first audition is with a group of producers and not what you see.
2016 Milestone Category Winners: Birth: Leo from lane bryant coupon code november 2015 Rockville, MD, supported Sitter: Chase from Southport, CT, sitter: Willow from Wichita,.
We entered our daughter Marvel into the famous Gerber Baby Photo Contest so she could be their Spokesbaby for 2016 and win a 50,000 cash prize!
The Gerber "Be Our Baby" Photo Search 2014 was held online at m/photosearch, where parents and guardians were invited to enter a photo of their child into the search during the entry period.
We are keeping track of all the Gerber baby.
2013 Gerber's Milestone winners: Birth: Ava Olejniczak from Hammond, Indiana Supported Sitter: Kayson Almeida from Attleboro, Massachusetts Sitter: Olivia Gatewood from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Crawler: Grayson Osmond from Branson, Missouri Toddler: Justin Ridzon from Lowell, Massachusetts Toddler 2: Sully Thompson from Brooklyn, Iowa Gerber.While I waited for the announcement of who won, I would frequent the Gerber Facebook page.Torrey Smith 's son has already dominated his first modeling contest - winning a 5,000 prize in a national Gerber Baby competition.Its still a chance, but you can never assume youll win, because then youll just automatically be upset.Chanel has previously said that she planned to split up any prize money between TJ's college fund and a children's charity.Would that money have made us happier?Gerber Products Company is a leader in early childhood nutrition.