voucher status in peoplesoft

See Also Selecting Payment Options Defining Payment Terms Entering Nonmerchandise Charge Details Access the Miscellaneous Charges page.
If you change the value in the merchandise Extended Amount field, the Unit Price field is recalculated.You cannot manually create claim vouchers, but you can update existing claim vouchers.Third Party Voucher Enter vouchers for charges other than merchandise charges, for example, freight-only vouchers.Five different scroll areas can appear on this page: Header Errors, Miscellaneous Charge Errors, Invoice Line Errors, Distribution Line Errors, and Scheduled Payment Errors.Exceptions: A voucher that fails the Matching process initially has a status of Exceptions.See Entering Adjustment Vouchers.During the payment selection step of the Pay Cycle process, the system compares the pay through date (entered as part of your payment selection criteria) to the scheduled pay date.Select from: Terms: This is the default setting.If the basis date type is User Date, this field is available and the system requires that you enter a date.If you set up multibook accounting using nontranslate ledgers, then the accounting entries are calculated from the transaction currency.Late Charge Click to access the Late Charge Information page, where you can review and override the system-assigned payment reason code and the late charge information that appears by default through the PeopleSoft Payables control hierarchy.
When you post a voucher in PeopleSoft Payables, the system creates balanced accounting entries to record the liability and sets the post status to Posted.
Your installation options (such as whether you are.S.
This field appears only when you have also installed the Real Estate Management module.After you run the posting processes, vouchers and payments remain in the PeopleSoft Payables subsystem.Date Calculation vchr_DT_calc_SBP Click the Calc Basis Date link on the Invoice Information page.Each voucher line must have one or more distribution lines.If you are using budget checking (through the Commitment Control feature you cannot post or pay a voucher until it has successfully passed budget checking.Override the default bank holiday processing options and currency options for the payment.It includes optional stages of voucher processing, such as creating control groups and applying matching rules to approve a voucher: Voucher processing flow, voucher Life Cycle.A tax code consists of a group of tax authorities.If you are searching for non-purchase order receipts, only the receiver information appears.If you are using a statistics code, the system does not calculate a statistic amount; you must delete the Statistic Code field value or enter another one.Packing Slip Enter a packing vegas vacation win a car slip number from the supplier's invoice.The third option is convenient when you want to perform multiple sequential processes, such as matching, asset loading, voucher posting, and journal generation, on a batch of vouchers.View errors for a scheduled payment.View Matched/Cancelled Only Select to limit the search to include matched and canceled purchase orders only.