victorian chimney sweep outfit

Chimney sweeps often served double duty as the town's "nightman whose job it stingray chevrolet giveaway was to clean out the privy.
The outfit was always a very practical black in color, and gave an air of distinction to a dirty, though necessary, job.
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They were a type of indentured servant, bought by the chimney sweep master.It once was customary for the town chimney sweep to tote a pig through the streets on New Year's Day; people paid a small sum to make a wish while pulling a hair from the pig.Most American cities had ordinances requiring regular chimney sweeping as a valuable safety service.Why did chimney sweeps wear tophats and tails?by the Victorian Fireplace Shop.They used this same sack as a blanket to sleep in at night, and only bathed infrequently.
Why the tophat tails?
So when you meet a sweep, remember to shake his hand for luck, for it's a safer home you have when you use the services of a professional chimney sweep.
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The Nanny's Hat is a combination of the Fulton Boater, the Black Satin Hat Band, and store bought flowers and berries.Latest Instagram Photos 1 0just now 0 12 minutes ago 0 33 minutes ago 0 95 minutes ago 1 376 minutes ago 0 86 minutes ago 1 76 minutes ago 0 17 minutes ago 0 36 minutes ago 0 08 minutes ago 0 1612 minutes.Homes were located very close together and everyone burned wood or coal to heat and cook.The tradition goes back, so it is said, to a chimney sweep who lost his footing and fell from a roof.Kids victorian poor urchin waistcoat CAP childs boys fancy dress costume 6,24 eBay 6,24 eBay See it now, check out these interesting ads related to "victorian waistcoat kids".Ask a question about this outfit.The luck of the chimney sweep. Our job is as important today as ever but sweeps now care for chimneys serving a huge variety of home appliances and heating fuels.Being a chimney sweep was not lucky for the little girls and boys who had this job in the 1700's to 1800's.Not suited for spending all of her day in the school room, she takes her charges on fantastical adventures around the city of London.They are said to have most often gotten their clothing as cast-offs from funeral directors.Throughout the centuries, chimney sweeps have cared for the safety of the townfolk, performing one of those dirty jobs nobody likes.They carried a large sack with them, into which they dumped the soot they swept from the chimneys.The soot they collected was sold to farmers for fertilizer.