unsealed iphone 5 giveaway

That is worth a surprisingly large amount of money to companies.
Facebook rules state that companies can't run competitions in return for likes or sharing so if you see such a competition, you can be sure colorado energy rebates 2014 that it is not legitimate.Alternatively, the scammers might also contact you and ask for shipping money or an advance payment under the guise that youve won the contest.Needless to say, none of the 'proof' that that the offer is legit (the testimonials from satisfied customers, the photo of an unboxed iPhone) are anything of the sort.How to get a free iPhone or iPad: data capture or phone-in.Anti-scam site, wafflesatnoon, which first reported on the hoax, theorizes that the fake promotions are part of a scam to falsely inflate fan numbers for pages, which are then sold and renamed with all traces of the fake promotion removed.These phone calls can be quite expensive, so we'd advise you to avoid phoning in to win a prize.
These are almost certainly the same scam.
Naked Security blog that this was a scam, explaining that: "The rogue app instantly posts a message to your Facebook wall, in your name, encouraging your friends to also click for a chance to win an iPad mini.".
A spokesperson for Beats Electronics, the company founded by hip-hop producer Dr Dre and music mogul Jimmy Iovine, told cnet it is not affiliated with the fake offer and has contacted Facebook to have the page removed.
CNN-Shopping and the 'iPhone 6 for 1'.
you'll be taken to a page that asks for your credit card details.
If you see a free iPad offer on Facebook it is almost certainly a scam.
Here's how to spot the scams, and make sure you don't get ripped off - and some specific scams to avoid.Sometimes the entry numbers are lower than you think, and if you keep entering you'll be lucky eventually.But we don't think you'll get an iPad this way.Click on the link below to see many other scams involving freebies on Facebook.We're not sure what the organisation plans to do with this information, but we certainly wouldn't put our financial security in such unappealing hands; whatever this is, there's no evidence that it's anything to do with CNN.Other parts of the page give clues that the scammers are a little out of date.We dont recommend filling out endless forms randomly in the hope that an iPad will one day appear.And as a kicker, as m has pointed out, the domain name was only registered this month.They are often run by websites and magazines and are always free to enter.Another type of free offer is one people refer to as 'data capture'.