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If your record is clean, you have nothing to worry about.
Uber Driver Requirements: You must be 21 years of age or older target store deals black friday (some cities require a driver to be a minimum of 23 years old).
I will break both of these methods down below.
Insurance Requirements As for insurance, Uber will require UberX drivers to have a coverage policy so that if anything happens both the drivers AND the passengers will be covered.Yeah, I have pretty much seen it all.Current Uber Driver Promotions, uber is currently running a few different promotions for new Uber drivers.Offical new Uber driver sign up promo link URL, and is guaranteed to get you the highest possible bonus set by Uber in your city!My take on tipping: Screw that.
Driver App The Uber driver app is very easy to use, and is dumbed down, and bare bones, making getting requests insanely simple.
These are what Uber calls their Uber Partner Information Videos and give you an idea of how Uber works and what to expect when picking up riders.
You can do both, and will still get the bonus so long as you meet a few requirements.
Earn Up to 28Hr!
The more request, the more money you can earn.
Demand is pretty steady most of the time, meaning you can easily clear a couple hundred dollars a night if you know where to camp out.Many of the more advanced Uber drivers must have a CDL, which usually means that they have a much more advanced set of skills and knowledge of their vehicles.Making money is as easy as simply pressing a button.Their website statesThere is no tip with Uber.Uber is relentlessly recruiting tons of drivers, so in theory, I thought the more they recruit, the less busy I will become.Uber Driver Sign Up Bonus Promotion Hotline:, new Driver Support Uber Driver, sign up Bonus.