transformation tool contest 2014

Koch,., Jubeh,., Zündorf,.: UML1.4.1 activity diagram model migration with Fujabaa case study.
After the contest there will be more formal contest proceedings.
This contest is the seventh of its kind (AGTiVE 2007, GraBaTs20 workshops, and the TTC 2010, 20 workshops) submission should consist of a paper and the actual solution (i.e., programs, models, etc.).
Selic,.: Whats new in UML.0?Cicchetti,., Ruscio,.D., Eramo,., Pierantonio,.: Automating co-evolution in model-driven engineering.Fixml to Java, C# and C Transformations with qvtr-xslt 27-31, li Dan, Danning Li, Xiaoshan Li, Volker Stolz.Solving the TTC'14 fixml Case Study with sigma 76-86, filip Kikava, Philippe Collet, solving the fixml Case Study Using Epsilon and Java 87-92, horacio Hoyos, Jaime Chavarriaga, Paola Gómez.Mészáros., Mezei., Levendovszky., Asztalos.: Manual and automated performance optimization of model transformation systems.Herrmannsdoerfer,., Vermolen,., Wachsmuth,.: An extensive catalog of operators for the coupled evolution arrl sweepstakes clean sweep of metamodels and models.72 (12 3139 (2008) CrossRef math Google Scholar.Street,.A., Pettit,.G.: The impact of UML.0 on existing UML.4 models.
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Past editions of TTC have often resulted in one journal publication per case.
I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.Herrmannsdoerfer,., Ratiu,., Wachsmuth,.: Language evolution in practice: the history of GMF.Aspectual Code Generators for Easy Generation of fixml to OO Mappings 52-64, steffen Zschaler, Sobhan Yassipour Tehrani, a Model-Driven Solution for Financial Data Representation Expressed in fixml 65-70.Springer, Berlin (2009) Google Scholar.About TTC, the aim of this event is to compare the expressiveness, the usability and the performance of graph, model and program transformation tools along a number of selected case studies.17-21, dOI:.4204/eptcs.74.3, cite as: arXiv:1111.4738 (or arXiv:1111.4738v1 for this version).Those articles have introduced the case and compare the solutions from a high-level perspective.3 types of transformations: fixml XML fixml model (T2M).It is derived from a task that originates from a real reengineering project.Eceasst 29 (2010) Google Scholar.Di Ruscio,., Laemmel,., Pierantonio,.: Automated co-evolution of GMF editor models.