toastmasters contest table topics questions

Which I would consider an ideal question. .
Favors religious contestants, appealing to religious judges.
Otherwise I could say that contests in american idol season 14 filipino contestant District 30, just like many other things, are going to hell in a handbasket.What was the most exciting moment of your life?Favors contestants that closely follow political news.Which actor or actress would you most want to marry?If you could be any animal in the world, which would be your absolute first choice to be transformed into?
What animal would you want to be?
After it cooled down, you put it in your pocket and as you carry around you discover that it gives you magical powers. .
It should also be simple; the contestant should not struggle to understand what the question dollar car discount code 2014 is asking).
A couple of Area Contest questions that Ive heard, such as the one mentioned in the previous entry, were rather lengthy. .Favors contestants that have lived longer, or are more adventurous.When a Contest Chair asked me suggestions on what kind of question to use for their Table Topics contest, I usually replied that it should be short one that everyone could answer and does not tilt for or against a contestant. .What would you do about the situation in Syria?These principles of fairness are why Table Topics contestants come into the room one at a time; none of them gets to hear the question ahead of time, or gets more preparation time than any other.So far past District 30 contest questions were short and allowed each contestant to respond in their own way. .But is the question they are given fair?When have you given them the whole nine yards?Here was the North Division question: Traffic cameras are being installed in many intersections throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs. .Favors contestants familiar with American idioms.Since I have a distrust for the leadership of District 30, I thought it was some stupid encouragement from one of the top officers, likely the.The two questions were not only too long, it gave each contestant a limited set of answers. .