texas rebate program for energy efficient appliances

Qualifying appliances can be bought beginning April.
AEP provides a Load Management Standard Offer program to its distribution customers with demand of at least 500 kW who are prepared to curtail electric load with one-hour notice.
Existing buildings and new construction are eligible for rebates up to 17,500 per measure type (up to 35,000 per project site).Recommended projects and potential savings are identified through a preliminary assessment and an investigation report, which includes an audit.Some utilities,.g., Xcel, allow certain renewable energy measures as well.Aggregators (e.g., escos or curtailment service providers) can also participate in the program.Oncors Solar Photovoltaic (PV) program provides incentives through service providers (e.g., national or local escos or other contractors).People can apply for up to two rebates per household in different appliance categories.Rebate Timing: The mail-in rebates will apply to eligible appliances purchased between chimney sweep price April 16 and April 25, 2010.You can qualify for rebates for up to two appliances from the approved rebate appliance list.If program is fully subscribed, new applications will be placed on a waiting list.In addition to El Paso Electrics.
Though incentive levels and eligibility requirements vary across the utilities in Texas, the basic program requirement is that customers have a minimum peak demand of 100-250 kW (depending on the utility).
What additional opportunities are available to me?
For more information, please call 866.728.3674 or email.
Texas Energy Efficiency web site.
What load management/demand response options are available to me?
Participants must agree to curtail at least 100 kW per site.What utility energy efficiency programs are available to me?CenterPoints energy efficiency programs, including the standard offer and the.You can reduce your energy usage by implementing energy efficiency tips recommended through these programs.Customers must be able to reduce electricity load by at least 500 kW, and accept or decline offers to commit to a minimum load reduction for individual events via a secure internet-based system.AEP TCC, AEP TNC, and, swepco customers for specific incentives available in your area.Are there energy efficiency programs sponsored by state government?It will only apply to purchases made once the purchase period officially begins, April 16-25.The Texas Trade Up Appliance Rebate Program, administered by the Texas Comptrollers Office, officially began today at.m.Shoppers with rebates will also be required to dispose of or recycle their old appliance."So they had to above and beyond; they couldn't just be energy-efficient.