sweeping a stove chimney

These nylon chimney sweeping rods and nylon chimney sweeping brushes are just the thing for sweeping flexible chimney liners or twin wall flue systems.
Chimney Sweeping, once a year, minimum, you should have your chimney swept.
If you are brushing through the stove, use cheap chic weddings toilet paper wedding dress contest an old sheet over the face of the stove.You will be supplied with a moisture meter upon completion of your installation and this will allow you to make sure that any wood placed in your stove is at the correct moisture content level.We are experts at, chimney Sweeping, Stove Sweeping.Ask for professional help if you are in any doubt.Secondly, you may be burning unsuitable fuel, be this non smokeless coals or high moisture content wood.
We strive to offer a fast, clean, professional service.
If you are using other fuels, we always recommend only using those that defra has approved as smokeless.
If a stainless steel liner is fitted, you may succeed in buckling or even smelting it - but in any event it will be ruined as taking stainless steel above red heat changes its metallurgical properties, resulting in accelerated corrosion.
For 50 inc VAT we can come and sweep your chimney and provide you with a certificate to show that this vital maintenance has be carried out.The use of a catalytic cleaner in your stove as a preventative measure will help to break down any deposits and makes subsequent sweeping easier and more effective.These deposits will cause your stove to decrease in efficiency as well as potentially causing unrepairable damage to your flue liner/twinwall chimney.Points to remember: Inspect your chimney regularly - and change the way you run your wood burning stove if necessary.This can be done by a registered chimney sweep or and hetas registered installer such as The Heating Hub.If you notice this swiftly then simply moving the blockage should allow the glass to clean itself.