sweep competition racing tires

Exceptional grip, durability and maximum braking potential make this the perfect tire for all levels of competition.
No cut, No filler pure Cyanoacrylate (CA).
Is your truck so fast that it is simply impossible to drive full throttle?
Sweep's new tyre was the fastest and most consistent.Not overly so, but a little bit of trigger input, whether it was throttle or brake, went a long ways while running the Sweep tires.We popped a big pinion and a 6S MaxAmps LiPo in our Talion and let it eat.It was fairly soft, like in the neighborhood of an M2 Pro-Line.Sweep Racing EXP EVO-R Pre-Mounted Touring Car Rubber Tires (4) (36R) w/12mm Hex Wheel.99, buy It Now, the Sweep EXP EVO-R Pre-Mounted Touring Car Rubber Tire is a great choice for both asphalt and carpet racing chaco promo code november 2017 applications.As same as our infamouse Strong glue (SW0003 in half the size.Race provoen consistant traction, batch to batch.Friday 15 December, registered customers visits since 2001.Traction/Grip: So how hard was the rubber compound?
Sweep 1:10 Mini Tire Complete Set (33degree) #SWP-MN33.
Do they hold up to a good hard bashing?
Set of 4 Sweep Racing OG Spec tires pre-glued pier 1 coupon code june 2015 on EXP-WAN wheels with SWA-S soft inserts.RacingTamiyaTeam AssociatedTeam LosiTeam PowersTeam SorexTeam TitanTekinThunder PowerTop LineTQ RC racingtq WireTrack HausUlti TiresVBC RacingViper R/CVolanteWest Coast RC WorksWild Turbo FanXenon RacingXpertXrayYeah RacingYokomoZapZen Racing.They gave so much traction that it wasnt unusual for the Talion to lift its insider rear tire in corners.The new Sweep Racing EXP tires are made of synthetic rubber to provide the most.RC 1:8 Buggy Short Course Tires With Wheel Sets Sweep Type For HSP HoBao 81B-809.90 Buy It Now or Best Offer Free Shipping FitRC HSP HoBao Buggy and Short Course.We spent a max of 5 minutes making the swap american floor mats promo code 2017 and ran into zero issues while doing.Because they have been pre-glued at the factory, all you have to do is remove your stockers and bolt these right.Sweep racing 1/8TH GT belted slick EXP racing tire ON 6PAK black wheels.99 Buy It Now Green dot tires (Ultra soft) on 6PAK ROK hard Black wheels.It certainly was NOT slow, but because it was actually controllable, it felt that way.Build Quality: Upon close inspection, our bash crew didnt find any problems.We recently got a set and decided to give them a run for their money.