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Sweep (cervical sweep, membrane sweep) ( método para inducir el parto ) separación de las membranas ruptura deliberada de las membranas maniobra de Hamilton amniotomía Elizabeth needed a las vegas show discount tickets o sweep to induce childbirth.
Dick Van Dyke interpreta el papel de Bert el deshollinador en Mary Poppins.
Sweep the board figurative (competition: win all events) ( figurado ) barrer con todo arrasar con todo sweep the nation figurative (become hugely popular) causar sensación, hacer furor La nueva consola de videojuegos causa sensación entre los jóvenes.Sweep through sth vi prep (spread quickly) propagarse extenderse The virus swept through the school; within two weeks, almost all the pupils had had.She's in foal to first prize stone, si 98, for a 2016 foal.Sweep sth up vtr adv (clean with a broom, brush) cepillar If you are going to allow dogs in the house you need to sweep up the dog hair.M established 01/16/03 Currently averaging more than 129,000 hits per day Last Updated Web Design Maintenance By dinnell Circle D Horses LLC These are some of the great horses, past and present, whose blood runs through the horses in our program.Powered by: 2017 Natural Avenue Sdn Bhd (231509-A).Sweep sth figurative (spread quickly across) propagar extender difundir Fire swept the building.In other languages: French Italian Portuguese Romanian German Dutch Swedish Russian Polish Czech Greek Turkish Chinese Japanese Korean Arabic.With a sweep of his hand, the musketeer brought his sword to his enemy's throat.Yearling son of HEZ, choice property, si 96, out of mare by, champion rare form.Circluccess stories News about the successes of Rare News's sons daughters horses bred by Circle.
Clean sweep Clean Sweep Citation door bottom sweep Door Sweep drug sweep enforcement sweep Epic sweep, accrued depth even sweep Exposure sweep get sweep up hard sweep/soft sweep I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet insurance sweep - financial loan sweep - financial.
Barrer Necesito barrer mi garaje.
Sweep sth away vtr adv (clear with a broom or brush) barrer I swept the dirt away from the door with an old broom.
Synonyms: course, progress, stroke, movement, swing, more.Coronado cartel, si 98, for 2016.El nuevo líder prometió barrer la corrupción del país.Teri with Major Glass, 2002.La tormenta de nieve avanza por todo el estado.Sweep past sb/sth, sweep by sb/sth vi prep (move rapidly past sth, sb) pasar a vi prep The cars swept past the front of the house.Conquer This Wave, sound, coming 3-yr-old son of world champion, wAVE carver out of stakes producing mare by ITS royal time.Very exciting research by Marianna Haun.Champion hawkinson, sOLD here 2-7-16, featured horse, hez Rare.A full sweep a never-ending supermarket sweep of identity construction a sweep of the inky Thames a weekly cash sweep - financial Air direccional vanes with 40 sweep Air Sweep arm sweep, shoulder swivel, elbow extension As she sweep off with the new tray Barre.Sweep (extend) extenderse The wooded slopes sweep down to a river.