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Appointed agent for IAS (International Association Services) which issues the unesco approved cards isic (International Student Identity Card) and iytc (International Youth Travel Card) Planning a trip today can be confusing and time consuming.
Isic global app demo page.Non urgent calls will be transferred.Promo codes straight to your inbox so you can double dip and save even more on your discounted airfare.It costs just rogers gardens contest 22 a year and comes with free travel insurance as well.You don't even technically have to be a student either.Offers a wide range of youth travel discounts - not quite as many as does the isic, but may be worth having if you'll be going traveling.Major hostel outfit Hostelling International has a discount card worth looking into, which works like a loyalty card, but read up to determine whether a hostel discount card is worth it to you.We offer exclusive student flight discounts that cant be found anywhere else and offer steeper flight and travel deals when we know students want to travel.
Here are some of the best options.
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You'll be able to score cheaper prices on everything from accommodation to flights; entrance fees to tours.
The main bonus, then, is saving on the HostelWorld booking fee.
Issued to travelers under 26, the card's "Youth" version doesn't offer quite as many discounts as does its "Student" version, issued to enrolled students.You'll also get free travel insurance while traveling outside the.S.To stay aware of the latest developments and keep a competitive edge, constant updating and training is given to our [email protected]_YoungSavage, if any of you students travel as much as I do, use @StudentUniverse literally just paid half price for my flight home from Europe!It is situated in Antelias - Lebanon (Main Street, Byblos bank Building, 3rd Floor).Eid Travel is : - Member of the Association of Travel and Tourist Agents in Lebanon (attal) - Representative of STA Travel.One of the best perks of student travel is having access to thousands of discounts.Is it too good to be true?Isic: The International Student Identity Card, full-time students who are 12 years and older can get their hands on an isic (International Student Identity Card) to gain discounts on flights, accommodations, shopping, entertainment, and more.Check out a full list of discounts you'll be eligible for and read our article on detailing how to get an isic card.