spirit voucher for delayed flight

Departures board at IAH today, anyone watching the news saw what was bucked up coupon code coming, and since my parents were scheduled to fly their favorite airline today, Spirit, I tried to help them proactively fly out yesterday in advance of possible weather or cancellations today. .
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By the time I called, most of the other major airlines had issued weather waivers for the Houston airports that would allow free changes. .
Normally this could be a hang-up and call back situation to see if you have more luck with another agent, but since my experience matched 100 what my mom reported with the two agents she talked to, that didnt seem like a worthy endeavor. .
I got through to a real person very quickly, but it was pretty clear early on this was likely an outsourced call center that wasnt going to be overly helpful. .
At this point that flight was just a couple of hours out, so they hurried up to finish getting ready and headed to the airport. .
Some airlines, such as American Airlines, are very active on Twitter and it can be the fastest way to get some help or answers. .
Again, I was told something about the one minute schedule change not being sufficient. .However, with Spirit I might as well have been tweeting with my old dog. .Please note this site has financial relationships with American Express and this post may contain affiliate links.The Houston area is dealing with its second round of winter weather warnings within the last week. .I was told their scheduled change was only 1 minute, not 15 minutes, so they could not change. .If you need to call in to get help, you might as well just go talk to yourself in the mirror as you will be a better listener. .That change would have been possible hours later on all other airlines in the area, but it did finally work out on Spirit. .I tried to explain the situation and asked if they could move to the earlier flight to beat the weather. .During irregular operations I would expect them to act slower than everyone else, but they may eventually issue what they call a weather buster so you can make changes. .They veterans discount flights also were not immediately re-booked on another flight, so be proactive. .Thankfully this weather event had advanced notice, and should be short-lived. .It may not be a perfect website, but you will have better luck there than with calling and trying to talk to someone.