sf raffle house 2015

Francis Wood at an undisclosed address.
Here's another thing that's known.
Often owners of these homes connect with the online sweepstakes blog Dream House Raffle because the nonprofit will pay them to take their property off the market as it becomes a marketing tool.
Photo: San Francisco Dream House, image 1of/40, image 1.If fewer than 65,000 tickets are sold the grand prize will become a cash amount equal to half the net proceeds, not to exceed 4 million.Photo: San Francisco Dream House, image 10 of 40, image 11.Photo: San Francisco Dream House, image 3 of 40, an eight-bedroom mansion in San Francisco's.So, what are the chances of that?I just drove by it on Saturday and saw moving trucks." Moving trucks?Photo: San Francisco Dream House Image 20 of 40 Image 21 of 40 An eight-bedroom mansion in San Francisco's.View this email in a browser.After July 9, the lucky holder uber free ride promo code egypt of one 150 ticket will be the new owner."If the prize is a house, the winner must give the nonprofit 25 percent of its value for federal withholding before title can be transferred.
The organization doesn't provide the address, but it does reveal the neighborhood, and I was able to easily track it down by showing a photo to a friend who grew up.
If 65,000 tickets don't sell by Friday June 24, 2016, the winner takes home 50 percent of the profit from ticket sales, up to a 4 million annuity, or a smaller lump sum.
The 2015 Grand prize winner, kindle promotion code Shirley Campbell, received the alternate cash grand prize, making the home available again for this year's raffle.
Francis Wood neighborhood is touted as the grand-prize in the 2016 San Francisco Dream House Raffle.Photo: San Francisco Dream House Image 24 of 40 An eight-bedroom mansion in San Francisco's.We also know the estate pictured in this year's glossy Dream House brochure exists.And he was hired by nonprofits around the country to hold dream house raffles.1 / 40 Back to Gallery A high-profile fundraiser excites San Francisco every year with an array of spectacular prizes from a Tesla to a Tuscan vacation, but the most tantalizing prize is a fabulous estate.Photo: San Francisco Dream House, image 5 of 40, image 6.The 2009 Dream House, a newly constructed duplex in the avenues, was on the market for four months before the listing was pulled, and it became the raffle grand-prize.Photo: San Francisco Dream House Image 34 of 40 An eight-bedroom mansion in San Francisco's.The owner gets paid for keeping the house off the market during the raffle, and even if it doesn't end in a sale, the home gets plenty of free publicity.".From leading edge exhibitions, performances and films, to groundbreaking civic programs, ybca pursues bold new ways to transform our lives and cities through art.