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Cookie Sewell reviews Dragon's new 1/35 scale Flakpanzer IV Ausf.
February 19, 2017 Cookie Sewell reviews two new releases: MiniArt's 1/35 scale T-54-1 Soviet Medium Tank - Interior Kit, and MiniArt's 1/35 scale T-54-2 Mod.
I also review the latest batch of Archer Fine Transfer's 1:35 scale wet decals covering various vehicle, ammo container and ammunition stencils.
30 "Nebel-, Panzer-and Vielfachwerfer".These are a 1/35 scale Russian GAZ-233014 STS tiger Armoured High-Mobility Vehicle; a w/ZU-23-2 and a SS-002 D9R Doobi Armoured Bulldozer.Well worth a look!.and don't forget to check out the great work of Missing-Lynx's visitors on the Constructive Comments Forum too April 4, 2009 I apologise for the service problems over the last few days.Miniatures PMC has released a new set of three 1:35 M48 crew figures.After a race, the tall, skinny, curly-haired chicken farmer would disappear just as suddenly, likely as not with a pretty woman on each arm.He immediately saw that Fords V8 weighed little more, and sometimes less, than the 4 and 6-cylinder engines powering most of the worlds production sports cars while easily delivering twice the power with potential for much more. .Luke Pitt examines the latest Nuts Bolts book,.August 24, 2014 I have created two new categories on Missing-Lynx - WWI Gallery and WWI Reviews.Tim Bumb's latest artwork is a Panther G entitled "Wounded Cat".January 19, 2014 Cookie Sewell reviews several new releases: Merit International's 1/35 scale.S.Seven images of the box art and the assembled kit are included.
July 5, 2014 Brett Green reviews Tamiya's 1:35 scale British Paratroopers with Small Motorcycle, including eight images of the plastic and photo-etched parts, and the box top.
Once again, details are available on the website.and don't forget to catch the latest book, accessory and kit reviews from Frank De Sisto on Missing-Lynx's "Time on Target" July 23, 2012 We have six new reviews from Cookie Sewell tonight:.and don't forget to check out.
E Tiger I Mid-Production w/Zimmerit Dragon 1/35 scale.
F in the Gallery.
These have been raffle tickets office depot posted to a Preview page Cookie Sewell has been busy with reviews of the latest releases:.and don't forget to check out the great work of Missing-Lynx's visitors on the Constructive Comments Forum too December 21, 2008 Cesar.
Glen Porter reviews Dragon's 1/72 scale.He has also worked on the nmra DCC committee.This is an idea somebody should have run with a long time ago. .His first car was a family hand-me-down, a 1934 Dodge that he immediately determined would do only 87 mph, tops.Monroe Purdu Studios has released an innovative etched-paper Zimmerit set for Tamiya's 1/35 scale Panther G Early Version.Cookie Sewell examines two new book releases: Inside the Armour has announced its last ever kit release; 35128 Centurion MkI Conversion (for AFV Club.) Designed to fit any AFV Club Centurion.