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Corrective visual acuity to 20/20 plus incredible comfort, these lenses are the best hands down!
Like others have said, I sometimes forget I have them in after 16-18 hours of wearing them.
SofLens Toric offered a quality of vision I'd never seen before in contacts!
I would highly recommend these contacts.I think Bausch and Lomb is the only company that makes a Toric lens to correct such a degree of astigmatism.121 people found the following review helpful: relieves my irritated eyes from long days of work.Very comfortable and affordable.I have worn contact lenses for decades - literally - I wore the early hard lenses that even predated the gas permeable.They work just why change?117 people found the following review helpful: nice and moist, the first moment I put my Soflens Toric contacts in, I knew that they were the perfect fit for.I wear them for longer than 2 weeks since my optometrist said it's.Astigmatism usually means contacts are painful and uncomfortable, and I look like a bloodshot zombie by the end of the day.Thank you B L, and thank you m for the great price.I haven't said that often about the contacts I have worn, but these deserve all of my praise.
(I was well out of graduate school when we began to see disposable lenses!) These soft how to win itunes gift cards free lenses are great.
101 people found the following review helpful: Really impressed with how great my vision improved.
122 people found the following review helpful: Pain free, irritation free, so amazing.
633 people found the following review helpful: Comfortable lenses!
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I usually pay much more at the doctors office, but thanks to m I won't have to anymore!
599 people found the following review helpful: Best Toric lens on the market!In general on m, IP addresses (the Internet address of a computer) are logged to track a user's session while the user remains anonymous.118 people found the following review helpful: I saved a ton of money buying my lenses here.Privacy Policy, legal Disclaimers, contacts by Mfr, contacts by Type.I've worn these for 13 years.152 people found the following review helpful: Very high quality and affordable contacts I have been wearing soflens toric contact lenses since finding out about my astigmatism.The price I got for my Soflens Toric contacts was so low, I almost felt like I was stealing them!Now I'm back to SofLens Toric for good.These SofLens Toric lenses keep my vision sharp all day long, and I love the convenience of a disposable lens that works with my astigmatism!I really enjoyed that they fit comfortably all day long as well!They seemed moisturized and comfortable, and I didn't rub at them or notice red eyes by the end of the day.156 people found the following review helpful: Great lenses and great savings Thank you!