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Promotions are available for multiple areas booked, please note if you are interested in other areas?
Select City * colour of Hair on Area to be Treated?
Abdomen area Not Listed* *Subject to small surcharge as not included in offer.Large Body Areas - Please confirm areas you are looking to have treated?Light BrownMedium BrownDark BrownBlackN/A *Please note Grey/Blonde hair will not work with IPL System.Treatment areas must be shaved or trimmed down 1-2 days before every appointment, no bleaching, threading, waxing, plucking, epilating allowed between treatments.Area Not Listed* *Please note each half leg counts as a session so 3 sessions included.20.00 Ex Tax:.00, featured, virtual SMS Sim Card.Categories, latest, free Bitcoin, cryptoGames Claim free Bitcoins Go to: yptogames.Small Areas - Please confirm areas you are looking to have treated?Toes fingers area Not Listed* *If facial area is selected then you must wear SPF.
Medical grade IPL systems are available in all clinics for a small surcharge please note if you interested in upgrading to this?
Clients that forget to shave will not be treated at their appointment and their session will be forfeited.
Reloadable / Disposable VCC visa, shipping by e-mail: free Shipping Estimated Delivery Time: 1-3 days (Within.
Neck, underarms, tummy Line, sides of Bikini, higher Bikini.
If this field is Not Applicable to your booking, please leave blank.
Is Area Suntanned or has Fake Tan Been Worn on Area to be Treated?
Full Leg toes full Back full Chest forearms.YesNo *Please note medical grade IPL will target your hairs more effectively than traditional IPL systems reducing hair quicker thus less sessions required).Online Shipping: Free Shipping Estimated Delivery Time: One day .Subject to small surcharge as not included in offer.12.00 Ex Tax:.00).Jawline, cheeks / Sideburns under Lip forehead.The terms conditions of voucher include appointments cannot breville coupon code canada be changed or missed or will count as a session or subject to a change of appointment fee.Please tick the box to confirm you have read and understand the above statement.0.00 Ex Tax:.00, virtual SMS Sim Card.YesNo *Please note if you have returned from a sun holiday you must wait hp canada coupon code 2015 until the tan is completely faded before undertaking IPL treatment.Medium Body Areas - Please confirm areas you are looking to have treated?