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For use on all pool surfaces.
Write a review on!Ultra-Efficient Suction Pool Cleaning Robot, now Included!I know, I've had three.The only con would be how it can get stuck on the drain or steps.With the many pool cleaners out there, which one is the best to invest in?This cleaner is constructed with low-flow energy efficient design that's perfect for use on pools with variable speed pool pumps and solar applications.I have to say I am very very pleased with this product.Review, what we love about the Zodiac cleaner is how it does the basic job at san affordable price.Debris doesn't stand a chance teacher appreciation week freebies 2015 against the Baracuda MX8 suction about pch sweepstakes side pool cleaner!
Yes, once about every two weeks.
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Suction cleaners are attached to a skimmer box, using suction as a way to clean out the dirt from your filtration system.This pool cleaner has a wide cleaning path and even has a suction meter to check the levels.I really didn't want to plunk down that sweaty betty promotional code march 2016 much money but there was a big rebate and an inline catch basket thrown.So what are you waiting for?Regular cleaning is necessary, and it will help your pool look good safe for use.Was 499.99 after mail-in rebate, in Stock!The MX8 Elite is the first suction pool cleaner with Cyclonic Scrubbing Brushes that continually spin, scrub, and stay in constant contact with pool surfaces to uplift and remove debris that's hard to get.The MX8 Elite brings you a deeper clean with active scrubbing to give you sparkling clean pool water.For quicker and more comprehensive coverage, the MX8 Elite is designed with a wider cleaning path that allows for larger debris consumption.Leaves and normal debris don't clog it but acorns and long weeds (weed trimming debris) can.Dual Cyclonic Vacuum provides maximum suction power and extreme wall climbing ability.I have a rectangle pool roughly 10K gallons, not screened.I highly recommend.