political contest crossword clue

Here are the nominees for Best Sunday-sized Crossword : Get Over It, by Merl online food deals chandigarh Reagle (Syndicated, February 19).
At a joint rally Tuesday night for.
Brian: Yeah, that bit didnt work for Letterman, either.I wonder if bowleg/haircut started as an extraneous fourth theme entry that just couldnt find a partner of matching length, so it became a contest puzzle.Its an honor to present the first Orca Award.It features five food-related terms for various sorts of people: stud muffin (the Sexy sort BIG enchilada (the Influential sort good EGG (the Amiable sort human pretzel (the Supple sort and sweetie PIE (the Precious sort).It was a terrific day indeed.But those scenarios are now ancient, dating all the way back, my gosh, to November.Sometimes you have to do more than push.For extra elegance, the theme revealer sits at the center of the grid, where CAP intersects trade.Here to present the nominees and name the winner, please welcome Nick and Noras dog, Asta : My preferred answers to Pound sound are ARF, BOW WOW, YIP, yelp, and MY name IS ezra.This, my friends, is a tour de force.
Jones can only hope they turn out in unusual numbers to express by ballot their disgust at everything they think the defrocked judge represents.
They dont need themes, they dont need constraints.
To make this work, of course, Merl needed to place answers with three set letters above the black squares, effectively adding to the challenge of construction.
Pro hru a zábavu, co bychom to byly za Pohádku, kdyby u nás nebylo veselo, dostatek zábavy a hraek.
Early puzzle of the year candidate, for sure.
In a similar fashion, a Bright idea could be a Right idea (B- Esophageal openings could be Oesophageal openings (O an Orotund singer could be a Rotund singer (O- nonvoters could be a Political group or an Apolitical group (A and Amassed troops could also.Neither of Matts nominated puzzles won Best Crossword this year, but the foregoing should leave little doubt that Matt Gaffney richly deserves this years Margaret Farrar Award for Constructor of the Year.Most of them get their news in snippets, either by word of mouth or in TV reports they half-see while herding kids to the breakfast table.That CHE is just ridiculous, in the most complimentary sense of the word.69-Across revealed that jump could precede the six four-letter words (jump rope, jump bail, and so forth).(4 devné 2 cestovní).Fourteen-letter entries are often orphans in freestyle puzzles, as they dont lend themselves to stacking very easily.Then boy howdy does Ben Tausig have the perfect puzzle for you.Turn the grid clockwise 90 degrees and that first theme entry, zoxhzuhehe, becomes mimic nixon, a much more suitable answer to Do the I am not win a car free competition a crook thing with the double V-signs, for example?Untitled, by Josh Knapp (NYT, June 22 featuring buzzkill, union dues, lummox, cookie JAR, totem pole, whauy, crash PAD, and FAT JOE, among lots of other sparkly entries.Speaking of Which, the Best Crossword of 2012 is Untitled, by Ben Tausig (Onion AV Club March 28).