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Numerous horse racing records have been set there, including the fastest mile ever paced, but its now home to stock car racing as wellraising the speed limit considerably.
Kansas Kansas State Fair Location: Hutchinson, KS In operation since: 1913 Standout events: If you really can do anything with duct tape, the Kansas State Fair is for you.New Englander Elkanah Watson is credited with creating the first agricultural fair in the.S.: the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Cattle Show in 1811, which exhibited animals and free download firefox for windows 7 latest version awarded prize money to the best oxen, cattle, swine, and sheep.Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont join forces for a single New England mega-fair.Fairgoers get to see the fruits of their labor at the end, though they probably don't get to smoke them.Quite a bit, judging by the fact that the fairgrounds are large enough to merit gondola tours.Illinois Illinois State Fair Location: Springfield, IL In operation since: 1853 Standout events: Need for speed?
On the fairs opening day, kids competing in the livestock contests can parade their animals through the Cow Palace in homemade costumes, while announcers describe the stories behind their get-ups.
West virginia The State Fair of West Virginia Location: Lewisburg, WV In operation since: 1924 Standout events: West Virginia's Strongest Mountaineer Competition isn't for the faint of heart.
Contestants complete five challenges, including carrying a rock as far as possible without dropping it, and flipping a tractor tire as many times as possible in two minutes.
Some of last years winners had racehorse-worthy namesOakrests First Snow, Moose Aladdins Sneak Preview, Peruvian Edisonbut theres also the less-exotic Yeti.But how healthy is that?But youll also find a whole lot more, and part of the appeal is unabashed celebration of sheer quirkinesswhere else can you find veggies on steroids, moose-calling contests, butter sculptures, and not just racing pigs, but racing dogs with monkey jockeys?NEW york The Great New York State Fair Location: Syracuse, NY In operation since: 1841 Standout events: As the site of the countrys first state fair, New York pays more attention to history than most.The less athletically inclined can watch the Legislative Beef Showthis time, its state politicians leading cows around the arena, and theyre the ones being graded dream about giving away my dog on their showmanship.