monologue writing competition 2014

The most fun Ive ever had in a showcase!
Past prompts:.) Hoop Earring 6/2/14.) Walking the Dog 6/3/14.) Moments of Silence 6/4/14.) Stranded 6/5/14.) Goggles 6/6/14.) mavis discount tire alignment cost Spite 6/9/14.) Crunchy Peanut Butter 6/10/14.) Thunder 6/11/14.) Online Dating 6/12/14.) Lost in the Mail 6/13/14.) Laundromat.
Barken, last years Monologue Contest winner and Kentucky-based poet, Kelsey McMurtrey, and the Chicago-based author, Ben Tanzer.1st place winner receives:.What people have been saying about 1Minute?Cant thank you enough for this experience!7/25/14.) Mouse Traps 7/28/14.) Signs of the Zodiac 7/29/14.) Trivia Night 7/30/14.) Roller Coaster 7/31/14.) Traffic 8/1/14.) Wine 8/4/14.) Backcountry Camping 8/5/14.) Clogged Drains 8/6/14.) Shrunk in the Wash 8/7/14.) Frozen Yogurt 8/8/14.) Mini. Very cool!LAs 8th Annual: 2014, lAs 7th Annual: 2013 5th-1st Place 10th-6th Place.Im ready to jump off the roof now!Oldham Coliseum Theatre has teamed up with Oldham Council libraries to run a writing competition linked.Org every weekday morning to learn the days prompt word or phrase.
7/14/14.) Walkie Talkies 7/15/14.) Hersheys Kisses 7/16/14.) The Couch 7/17/14.) Bed Bugs!
A selection of the best monologues will be published on monologging.
This was a God send!
Check out the Winner of 1Minute 2015!
IT just goes ON.
We want to be surprised and so should you.Theyre here to see new talent Theyre looking for new faces Theyre looking for YOU.Org).) If you miss a prompt, dont worry, a list of past prompts is maintained below.This year they are inviting writers to send us dramatic monologues, (up to 2,000 words) exploring the theme of identity.The Quickest, Most Effective, Audition/Showcase in Town!It goes by so fast, more of whats been said about 1Minute?I developed a character thats gone on to land me more work.