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Enraged, Kate declares "I'm not the one, who went out with a girl, so young, she had to lie about her age to see Finding Nemo ".
Dalton erroneously answers, "He could hear, that's for sure." In "Masquerade Marathon" (aired 2001 Red remarks about how weird it is to see people in costumes running through the city as part of the title event and deadpans, "Looks kinda like a fire drill.In "Hecks at armani chocolate giveaways a Movie" (aired February 17, 2016 movie posters of Zootopia and The Jungle Book are seen.O'Neill is talking to Daria and Jane about changing their poster for the school's poster contest, he says that he wants to make it more "palatable then saying "You know what they say, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down a reference.In the Elmo's World episode " Skin the All-About-Skin Channel advertises that their line-up includes "Skinny the Pooh!" Big Bird's Sesame Street Dictionary Volume 5 features Ernie in the role of The Sorcerer's Apprentice as he whisks about various items, including an animated broom (like.And that's partly because of the kind of people that make up Star Wars fandom." In a JournalGazette Times-Courier interview with Craig Titley, the script writer for the Clone Wars episode Blue Shadow Virus, Wookieepedia was mentioned as one of the sites Titley was thrilled.49 On October 3, 2008, Associated m posted an article on Wookieepedia, stating that it contained "so much minutiae that if Wookieepedia were an actual Star Wars convention the geek"ent would suffocate the average person." 50 Pablo Hidalgo mentioned Wookieepedia in the article about.In "The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star" (aired May 15, 2005 Bart has converted to Catholicism and says a Latin prayer at the dinner table.One film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, made both lists, ranking at #49 in 1998 and #34 in 2007.He pulls out a bootleg DVD of Ratatouille, with the title misspelled as "Ratatooey".In "The Titans Show" (aired August 5, 2016; one of the week long events called "Island Adventures the freckle on Beast Boy's buttocks apparently looks like Mickey Mouse, says.
The episode "Badunkadunk" (aired April 24, 2005) features a segment where Pinocchio 's nose catches fire.
In "Death" (aired December 30, 2014 the final video shown during the credits is Vince Collins's animated short "Life is Flashing Before Your Eyes" which includes a shown reference to Fantasia : specifically the scene of the crocodile and the hippo in reference to the.
In "A Bird in the Hoof" (aired April 8, 2011 the scene with Angel the rabbit holding a pocket watch references the White Rabbit that carries a pocket watch and is always running somewhere due to being late.
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100 Passions" ( 2002 two Disney films made the list: Lady and the Tramp, ranking at #95, and Beauty and the Beast, ranking at #34.
The episode "I Love Her" (aired February 8, 2009) features a segment where Lindsay Lohan interrupts some boys by pretending to be Herbie.Eventually Wookieepedia became the primary name for the wiki and an official renaming took place with the creation of a new logo by Tracy Duncan.Shaggy's costume in "The Grasp of the Gnome" (aired August 30, 2010) is similar to Captain Jack Sparrow 's outfit.The title of the episode "When You Dish Upon a Star" (aired November 8, 1998) is a reference to the song " When You Wish Upon a Star ".In "Brushes With Celebrity" (aired November 29, 2017) The Little Mermaid is mentioned.The recurring character Buckle is said to be a former Disney imagineer, and thus is able to make very creative contraptions and animatronics, such as scary things for a haunted house.In " Flight to the Finish " (aired December 14, 2013 the song "Hearts Strong as Horses" is inspired by a modern Disney classic."Battlin' Beauties Accept Decision".Also the theme park "Happy World Land" is a parody of Disneyland.