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The SecRec Workshop aims to bring researchers and experts together to discuss current and future research directions regarding threats, attacks, design methodologies, and basic blocks currently used to address security problems using reconfigurable hardware.
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Awais Aslam, Jorge Lobo, João Filipe Ferreira, Jorge Dias University of Coimbra, PT 12:20pm Accelerating Recurrent Neural Networks in Analytics Servers: Comparison of fpga, CPU, GPU, and asic Eriko Nurvitadhi, Jaewoong Sim, David Sheffield, Asit Mishra, Srivatsan Krishnan, Debbie Marr Intel, US 12:25pm Overcoming Resource.
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We will also briefly cover the use of the epfl and tacc systems, as well as any questions about promising research directions using the Catapult hardware.
This seminar explores the Labview graphical embedded development tools and National Instruments off-the-shelf prototyping and deployment-ready systems.
We will begin by examining the Cyclone V SoC device architecture, and writing baremetal code.
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