membrane sweep bloody show cramping

I mean this isn't just pregnancy discharge but.
But said I had a slight show visible.
From 9am yesterday morning through till now I've been having SO much mucus that ranges from pink to brown to clear - not just a little but almost a spoonful everytime I wipe, wet pads.As its now over 24 hours since I wondered if this is a sign or (after calling L D as I was concerned it was a so much) they said.I went in wed night with contractions every 5 mins and was 3-4cm, 100 effaced.Would be interested in if yours is still going or dies out!No show though between sweep and labour.With baby 1 and had baby within 24 hours.Also - in answer to your question I had a sweep.
You can get t right up till labour!
Hey- glad you asked this!
They didn't do a sweep.
Bloody show followed right away.
Cramping throughout the day.
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