league of legends code giveaway

By sharing your referral link and liking, following us on social media you get the opportunity to get free League of Legends merchandise.
Only one code per day possible.
So that already 5, and then we get.55 for a visitor from Facebook,.52 for a Twitter visitor and such, and the lowest we get.44 for.Level 30, europe West.For every single hit you get on your link, tower housewares discount code we count you a 1 point!All you have to do is share a special link that is unique to only you.Riot Points Code Generator, last Updated : Since this question has been asked very often it is highly recommended to watch the video tutorial to see how you can redeem your exclusive Riot Points code.Pretty cool you say, but there is more, when the time comes and you have enaugh or your.
WHY ARE YOU doing this?
Depending on region, everyone are able to enter this contest except Korea China, since its hard to access their paid cards essentially.
Halloween is close and probably lot of people are aiming to buy some those Halloween skins at League Of Legends so we decided to continue our giveaway party and hand out 5 x Riot point cards worth of 10 / 10 etc.
And we will prove that we are not fake with very simple math.
I have been trying a lot of different websites, probably same as you were, but with no success, all fakes.So I gave a few months of effort, found some sponsors and here we are ladies and gentelmen, totally free, only a bit of time invest.RP which you get at level 3, and I was sad bacuase every time I was playing premade with my friends all of them had cool skins and I couldn't afford to buy.Welcome to League of, legends Free RP Codes.Spread the word, Summoner!Enter your League of Legends Summoner Name.After this you will notify the region you are from and we shall provide you the code for Riot Points, if its not possible to get points for said region we will send equivalent money via.You can type in your Friend's name and gift them some Riot Points!Free RP codes to people like me which couldn't afford.Are you interested how we manage to provide Free RP codes to you?League of Legends referral link and you share it to social networks such as listed above.Through social promotion we are able give away RP cards and Skin codes to our fans.Similar to our last giveaway you have to meet criteria down below in order to have a chance to win a Riot Point Card.