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November 28, 2017 The Middle Class Dream is fading away but thats OK November 28, 20-2017 Andrew la Fleur m All rights reserved.Although credit cards and unsecured lines of credit have a much higher interest rate than mortgages, and consequently it would cost you more to carry the additional debt this way, this strategy allows you to qualify more easily to finance the property purchase since you.If youve purchased a new condo that you plan to rent out, upon closing youll have to spend thousands of extra dollars, sometimes as much as 30,000.A common strategy is to take out a mortgage with a 20/20, 15/15, or 10/10 prepayment option.Answers, by HST Relief (Admin)February 25, 2016 2:07.written by: Andre Munroe, andre Munroe is the official lawyer of Ottawa Condo Network.Wondering if you qualify for the rebate or need help completing the application process with Revenue Canada?When you purchase a new residential property to rent out, the home builder or condo developer is not permitted to apply for the new home HST rebate on your behalf like they would if the property was going to be your primary residence.
CRA also claws back the HST rebate you received when you sell your investment in less than 1 yr - 18 months after the final closing date and may accuse you of "flipping for investment purposes and send you a bill for full business income.
Quite contrary to some of the reports I have heard of it taking as long as a year to get your money back.
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Contact us now to learn how large an Ontario nrrp rebate you are eligible to receive!If you have been reading the articles posted by our company, HST Relief, you likely have a good understanding of how the HST New Housing Rebate and the New Residential Rental Property Rebates work.By, torontoRealEstate8Investor, march 15, 2016 7, are there HST rebates offered on all new construction?Yes, there is HST applied to new construction real estate anywhere in Ontario - regardless if the condo, house or townhouse was purchased in Toronto, the GTA or anywhere else across Ontario. .Program is 2-Years Retroactive, the Condo HST Rental Rebate program allows applications to be up to 2 years retroactive from the date of final closing.The portion of the HST that is not built-into the purchase price is termed the HST Rebate portion and how that is handled upon final closing depends on how the property will be used at the time of closing. .Rebate once they have completed doing the work and a tenant is living in the property.The deterrents dont stop there.HST New Condo Rebate: Additional Learnings.HST Rebate for Rental Properties.The photo above is of, one Park West, or 260 Sackville Street.Having to come up with an additional 16,000 - 29,000 upon closing is a large consideration to those investors who look to the condo market as a place to earn a quick buck.When you buy a brand new condo or house in Ontario to rent out, your purchase price will include HST.This also allows condo developers and home builders in the province to advertise a lower "sticker price." When shopping for new real estate, many of the prices you will see promoted already include the new housing HST rebate to make them lower.