god gives and he takes away

For some strange reason people seem to find comfort in believing that God is responsible for their loss.
Id probably be curled up in a fetal position in the corner of the room.
She snuggled with me in bed.So God takes them away even if we get hurt in the process, and when He does, Hes actually releasing us from more pain.And she was loyal.In the first part of this study on Gods gifts, we looked at a sincere lady in the Bible who mistakenly believed that God gives us bad gifts like death and poverty.Can you imagine Jesus stealing or killing?My dreams in this life are taken in a t aren't everyone's?I give her away willingly to God, because I didn't give her away willingly on account of my roommate.Funny, but I cant imagine Jesus or David doing that.
I would repeat those words of Job to myself, trying to make sense of the sudden taking and keep me from crawling into the corner of the room.
But what if you have suffered loss, like Job?
Even though she was naughty and went into the garbage can when we weren't home.
But unlike Job, David did a Jesusy-thing and took back what was stolen.If there was ever a scripture that has led to some screwy notions about Gods character, its this one.He takes away those things that harm us and gives us good things that bless.Are you Job or David?So, just as he tried with Jesus, Satan sometimes will offer us the world (Luke 4:57).He and his wife live in the Twin discount itunes gift card codes Cities with their five children.So if God is doing the giving, who is doing the taking?Losing a phone is such a hassle.The only thing hell take off you if you let him is your sin, your shame, your sickness, your worries, and your fears.Even the world sometimes catches glimpses of this principle, as the band Passenger captures in the song Let Her.