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Half Close In a closing step, the free foot is brought to the supporting foot and weight is completely transfered.Also the name of the resulting dance position: SCP with the body angle a little wider than normal and the weighted foot having stepped back.Loose Closed Position LCP One of many possible dance positions.Hip Rock Step to the side and roll hip to the side and back.If you don't, you will be pushing your partner off balance or asking him or her to support some of your weightnot good.
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Rondes may be done low, medium, high (see above or you can raise the foot as far off the floor as conditions allow.
The step is taken in front of or behind the supporting foot (usually with "contra" body movement - see below).
Measure or Bar meas A short section of music in the regularly recurring rhythm, usually marked by an initial stronger accent and then one, two, three, or more lesser accents.Sometimes a distinction is made between "side and back" (a little more side) and "back and side" (a little more back).Collected from many sources.One of Jeanette's ongoing community projects is the Boots and Buckles Relay For Life Team which helps raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society. .Feather fthr A step outside partner while maintaining parallel shoulders, usually with the right foot to a contra banjo, but also with the left foot to a contra sidecar.Cuer A person who prompts round dancers by naming the steps, figures, and other helpful information, such as facing direction, ending position, and amount of turn, as the dancers dance, and doing so in a timely manner so that the dancer can hear the cue.Well, I may have done that at times, but I had to turn off my tape recorder.Viennese Waltz VW The original form of the waltz, it was the first ballroom dance performed in the closed hold or "waltz" position."This is a case where the silence speaks volumes because the reality is there are aspects of the proposal, such as cuts to legal immigration, that don't have support from a majority of Republicans, let alone the 60 votes needed to pass it in the.Outside Partner A step taken not between partner's feet but to partner's right (e.g., banjo) cool gift cards for couples or left (e.g., sidecar).Tots 0-9, a B, c D, e F, g H, i J,.In paso doble, the typical marching tempo renders the chasse as, side, close, side, close; or step in place, side, close, side; More broadly, a chasse is any step-close-step (not only to the side and facing partner).