frequency sweep function

It generates many standard waveforms with excellent frequency resolution (1 Hz and has versatile modulation capabilities including AM, FM, Burst, PM and frequency sweeps.
In addition to the standard waveforms, the unit also provides a corvette raffle erie pa wideband (10 MHz) white noise source.
Designed/Manufacturerd by JYE, their web site opens the door for additional information and provide a path for firmware upgrades, newer user manual, and their JyeLab software; which allows for constructing your own waveform for uploading to the device.Connectors are used so that the boards can be removed and worked on with minimum stress on the wiring harness (and I apply that term loosely.) Now that I have been using the function/sweep generator for about a month, I can say that.Image size is 1126 X 742, about 36 K Bytes.The measured frequency corresponds to the center of the marker pulse.There is a reverse polarity diode across the power supply input, and an input filter to reduce the magnitude of capacitively coupled current spikes that might pass through the zxfy202N8 output stage when plugging the 12V power adapter into a 220V wall outlet while the.
When the output offset is turned off, the current imbalance is only 5 milliamps.
Unlike conventional function generators, there are no annoying discontinuities or band-switching artifacts when sweeping through certain frequencies.
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This is useful for some things like driving small bipolar transistors and low threshold FETs, but it would be nice to have this kind of range when terminated, and sometimes 10 V P-P terminated would be useful.
Since the total power dissipation is likely to be less than 250 mw, a 2N2222 and a 2N2907 can be used here, though I did not try them.
Functions and Outputs, the DS345 generates sine waves and square waves at frequencies up.2 MHz, and triangle and ramp waveforms up to 100 kHz.
This, in conjunction with the ability to switch the oscillator's frequency control to the selected marker pot allows accurate setting or location of the frequency marker.The GB4000 frequency machine was designed after careful and thorough research to include the features and capabilities required by today's Frequency Generator users.Your new GB4000 Frequency Generator will usually ship the next business day.It contains an internal modulation generator which can modulate any of its standard waveforms except noise.A trigger input is used to trigger arbitrary waveforms, modulation patterns, sweeps and bursts, while a TTL trigger output is provided to allow synchronization of external devices to sweeps and bursts.The things to note on this schematic is that there is an switch to switch the symmetry control between variable and the chip's fixed symmetry setting, and that R19 and R20 convert a -3V to 3V control voltage an the VCO control current.Avrstudio.x hex file for AT90S1200A fsgen050527A.hex.From the preceding, you should see that the generator can be operated at a constant frequency using either the flow or fhigh pots, and that you can use them as presets and use their associated buttons to switch between two frequencies within the same band.The marker circuit makes a fixed width pulse centered on the frequency to which it is set.When three minutes elapse after the last button press, the controller saves the state of the output pins to its on-chip eeprom and emits a slightly longer chirp than is used for the button clicks.