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English, roman Urdu, brought laaya, laya Howa, lana.
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The song derides this particular class of people who instead of raising a revolution and standing up for their country, like to go for shallow things such as casteist politics, free alcohol and freebies during election.
English, roman Urdu, tousy, bikhra Hua, definition Synonyms.Display, Urdu"s, Urdu Poetry, Couple, Jokes, Feelings, Happy, Inspirational, Wisdom.Translations cose di valore goodies gdiz npl ( things ) a little bag of goodies un sachet de petits cadeaux (British) ( good guys ) bons mpl good-looking gdlk adj beau(belle) He's very good-looking Il est très beau.good looks npl beauté f Want to thank.As per the band, the song is about Indian Politics.Goodies (dz) pl n any objects, rewards, prizes, etc, considered particularly desirable, attractive, or pleasurable.Urdu Poetry, Poetry"s, Urdu"s, Life"s, Islam, Heart, Romantic, Columns, Beautiful Words.Further reading: Songs Mukhtalif.1k Views 5 Upvotes, answer requested by, akshay Wadhwa).Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content.
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Used to express delight.
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Its solution for Muslim worlds parents who get worried at the time of baby birth about his/her name, Just download this free application and use.Urdu"s, Urdu Poetry, Now, Deep Words, Literature, Awesome, Truths, Wisdom.Urdu Islamic Baby Muslim Names Android App - m, Collection of Islamic Names for Muslim Baby (Boys and Girls) with Urdu Meaning, Attractive and stylish graphics, this app also allow to create your favorite names list for boys and girls and you can share any.How Indias corrupt politicians rely on vote bank politics and the people instead of raising a revolution(Inquilaab are lost in hollow promises and shallow needs.Goody 1 (good informal interj.Definition Synonyms, brought (imp.Goodies, format of salary voucher something attractive or delectable, especially something sweet to eat.Goody 2 (good).tousled; tangled; rough; shaggy.Shortening and alteration of goodwife.Mukhtalif can mean varied, diverse, radical or different depending on the way and intent with which its used.Users also Searched for: Urdu Dictionary, Online Urdu Dictionary, urdu translation).Goodies, archaic, a goodwife.In these lines, my interpretation would be: People are really weird, in what shallowness are they lost?