flight ticket gift certificate

The Gift Card remains valid for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.
Domestic, alaska Airlines spirit airline coupon code november 2014 Gift Card, while, alaska Airlines technically provides a gift certificate instead of a gift card, it works the same way.
The Hawaiian Airlines gift card is strictly used to purchase flights (no upgrades, baggage fees, in-flight services/products but it can be purchased in any amount you want from 50 to 2,000 and used for air travel to and from Hawaii, throughout North America, and internationally.
During the transaction youll effectively be transmitting a waiver permitting your miles to go toward the cost of your friends ticket.For instance, American limits a recipient to 15,000 transferred miles and a total of 40,000 combined transferred and newly-bought miles annually.Gift Idea #1: Buy the ticket outright.To buy: m or m, delta Gift Card, deemed by Delta the gift of go, this gift card comes in 5 increments from 50 to 1,000.Use our enquiry form to request a corporate gift card and get yourself one step closer to being voted World's Best Boss!Your recipient must have a mileage account with the same airline.The certificates can be emailed or printed and mailed up to you!Considerations: An airline gift card can only be used as cash, not to buy miles, so mileage accounts are irrelevant, unless you also want to share miles with your friend to upgrade whatever seat he buys with the card.With Flight Centre Gift Card, you can give the unique and exciting gift of travel.
Gifted miles may expire if the recipient doesnt fly within 12-18 months of receiving them.
Are you tying the knot and need a little financial help towards that dream honeymoon?
One warning, though: Virgin Gift Cards are only available in GBP, and cannot be used with companies outside of the United Kingdom.
It would cost you 180 (15,000 miles times one cent plus 30) to transfer the maximum 15,000 miles to his account, another 250 to buy the other 10,000 miles, and.50 more to cover his mileage redemption service charge and taxes.
JetBlue - The carrier no longer sells gift cards, but is honoring ones that were previously bought.
These vouchers do, however, expire a year from the purchase date, so make sure the recipient will book their travels within that time.To buy: British Airways Before buying any airline gift card, you should read the fine print.Prices range from 25 for 1,000 miles to 1,500 for 60,000 miles.A related idea: Travelocity enables you to give a friend a vacation package gift certificate in a denomination of your choosing.Click here for more from m Travel.Just make sure you buy this early: A Delta gift card cant be redeemed within 72 hours of the time it was purchased.Hawaiian Airlines Gift Card, say aloha to a game-changing present.