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A man's recent answer on, family Feud may be the teacher appreciation week freebies 2015 perfect example of what happens when your nerves get the best of you.
No doubt the popularity of "The Walking Dead" is why the question was even on the show sweaty betty promotional code march 2016 in the first place, and why "they move slow" was a more suitable answer and gave the Pierces control.
OK said Harvey, the black comedian who has hosted "Feud" for three years.
Family Feud Contestant Asked What Do You Know About Zombies, Replies Theyre Black (Watch) a womans r esponse to a game show question stating zombies are black, has gone viral.Real Times Media, though the company was established in 2006, our legacy stretches back over 100 years. .It's up there!" Harvey replied, with his back to the camera, "You shut up, lady.".Real Times Media, who's Who Publishing highlights African-American throughout the nation in business, entertainment, politics and more.The contestant, named Christie, told Harvey that what she knows about zombies is, simply, "black." "They're black.When she clapped while looking up at the board and said, "It's up there!Real Times Media, real Times Media.Related sweepstakes law uk Articles, read more Prev, next Real Times Media was built on the foundation of our family of newspapers.And Christie blurted out, Theyre black.Share tweet pin email, name something you know about zombies.Steve Harvey was, Name one thing you know about zombies.
On Twitter, actor Joel McHale took it a step further.
Unfortunately for him, though, it had to be on national television.
Comments on the "Family Feud" video ranged from "that's uncomfortable" to a defense of Christie's answer based on the belief that zombies are rooted in Haitian voodoo culture.
When Family Fued contestant, Christie, hit the buzzer to answer the typical pre-game face-off challenge, the question raised by host.
As the audience howled, the camera panned over to Christie's laughing competitors, the Pierce family also black.The host then laughed and yelled, "The black zombies!" The big red X signaled that "black" was not one of the top six responses among those surveyed.When host Steve Harvey asked contestant Rylan to name something women wear that you think was designed by a man because its uncomfortable but sexy, his response was: Texas, Steve.Read more at, eURThisNThat.Now, before you say "they eat people" or "they're difficult to kill consider the answer of a "Family Feud" contestant whose response stunned host Steve Harvey into laughter.It's safe to say that Steve Harvey was beyond baffled by this response.Real Times Media vigorously pursues our mission to be the leading source of news, entertainment."I don't know if they're white.Family Feud Contestant Asked What Do You Know About Zombies, Replies Theyre Black (Watch).