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It's neatly thanks to responsive design.
Competition set up, timeline, voting method is the same as for "normal" contest for desktop devices.Client: wind Mobile, date: 2011, tech: CakePHP, Facebook Integration, wIND Mobile ran a contest called Best Conversation Ever (not pictured here where people submitted videos/text that answered the question: If you horse giveaways 2015 could talk to anyone in the world, who would it be?How it works for participants?Mobile app would be extremly useful if you run multiple competitions, one after another or few at a time or if you run one but long contest with new calls for entries every day or every week.Once the contest is open user can browse, view gallery of entries or entry pages, comment entries, vote on entries, read articles, preview profile pages, sign up with Facebook or without, sign in just like on regular page. Moreover the speed and user experience are on highest level.Send it.Then instantly share entry via social media.Benefits, participants can enter competition also on smartphones using browser.One app with one design covers all contests.Participant needs only one account to take part in the competition, that can be utilized both on mobile app and on other gumtree south australia freebies devices through browser.
User has to download contest application and install it on mobile device.
As far as i know, FB mobile app does not suport custom tabs right?
You are here: About features » Mobile app, about, mobile contest application, mobile contest application is a software that facilitates mobile users to participate in photo or writing contest that are simultanously runned through website or on Facebook on Competizer platform.Use ShortStacks Share Widget so your fans can share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.The only differences are that another ads and another set of custom pages could be assigned especially for mobile app.Thanks a lot Alex.It could be also the topic for your contest that asks for quick and mobile response: choose photo of the day, mobile category, new category each day, short messages, etc.Imagine you want to create a contest app for Facebook using the SaaS approach.Mobile app is prepared on organizer's request.How it works for organizer?Now imagine that you want to put the same app available to the Facebook mobile app.