discount tire appointment policy

Well I ordered my tires online and set up an appointment online to have the tires installed.
So my van got towed, we got a ride home.
Frank's Discount Tire, having your tires regularly rotated and balanced increases their lifespan and durability.
I checked again a week later about the same except for the FR tire tpms read 21 psi.Around 2 lush discount codes 2017 weeks later same tire same problem.I return tomorrow for an 8:15am appointment to followup on this matter.I checked with a good tire gauge and it read the same.This uneven wear causes them to break down more quickly.I call 911, police and ambulance get there fast.They put my truck up on a jack and tightened the lugs back down.I was shown some claim forms that I am unsure were filled out.13, 2015, i have been a satisfied customer of Discount Tire since first doing business with them in February 1996.
Well after 1 week I checked the pressure in the tires and all had lost 1-2 psi.
She stated that Discount tire is in no way responsible, She stating this even before the results are coming back from Cooper Tire.
I had my winter rims and tires on the truck and explained that I wanted the new tires I ordered put on the chrome rims in the back of the truck and dispose of the old tires on the chrome rims.
There is certainly an inconvenience issue however more importantly, I hope that there is not an integrity issue.I wanted to go back in and say something not nice, but I didn't and I went home and aired them all to 40 psi.At this point, I decided to just sue Discount tire because I have two different incidents on record from this location.Someone screwed up, I truly believe it was a faulty tire, it was a mechanic error both times.I need to make the extra effort to locate a quicker servicer.I thought I have a nail so I checked the best I could and did not find anything.I checked my wife and kid for injuries, and my wife has a messed up shoulder, and I had bang up ribs.I live a hour away from the nearest discount tire store so I always make appointments for my convenience.I aired up the tire to 40 psi and checked it again the next day and it read 34 psi.I get out of my vehicle, because I thought for sure I hit something in the road.I was only getting my tires rotated.I just happen to be close the Discount Tire place, so I tried to get there, but the wheel was getting worse by the second.But I actually like the guys at this place.It's a bad tire, then discount is off the hook.".