delta flight voucher expiration

However these, and other vouchers, come with a great deal of rules attached to them so we need to be aware of what kind of funny money we are trading.
We tried to get United to say whether or not either situation results in the 25 call-center fee that the airline now charges, but spokeswoman Robin Urbanski-Janikowski would only say that it depends on what type of voucher the traveler was trying to redeem.
American Airlines has a sort of policy.
You have now combined 3 tiny vouchers into one larger one and can now spend that and two more on a ticket.Strongly promotes on the m web site.Many vouchers have an expiration date of one year, that is you have one year to spend them and an additional one year to fly beyond that expiration date.A charge for free travel?It is a rare situation you can get a rep to apply, like in the situation above, more than one voucher for a ticket for YOU and then cancel and end up with a larger voucher but it is possible.
Northwest also issues electronic credit vouchers in cases of "service-related events for instance, delays and bumpings.
Report: Airlines collecting.1B in fees this year.
Luckily, while you need to call the 800 number to apply the voucher to future travel, you won't have to pay a fee (which is otherwise 25 for domestic and 35 for international travel).
Airports, airlines work hard to return your lost items.
Then, after a long period on hold, and after selecting dates and times, I was informed that the reservation was only tentative.
Each week this series covers in a rookie way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break contests to enter to win prizes down to a basic level each topic.What is a voucher?The airline does say, however, that you will have to make payment at "a valid location" (read: inconvenient) within 24 hours of booking over the phone.(Read that as a 'yes until told 'no.These are the ones Delta.Can things go sideways?This way you can use more than one voucher for your trip.Delta wants these vouchers to go unused; we want them to be redeemed and these are some ways we can get that done!