define contested case

Do not use too many countries here - it may stop working if the line is too long and also will slow down the computer.
Author section /AuthorName/ Put your name here.Note: During final points calculation if BonusPoints are not 0 then PointsPerContact value will be ignored.And send the file to so it can be included in the next update of this program.Format: value1 name, value1 width, value2 name, value2 width.It may have two or three parts like this: "001 Prov "001 NA123".Select OneIn PersonTelephone Conference.I would gather that information through statistical analysis of people who have finished degrees and surveys of students who were not able to attend college.CountMultOnlyForSec2/ Same as for /CountMultOnlyForSec/ but will be applied for Multiplier2 /CountMultOnlyForSec3/ Same as for /CountMultOnlyForSec/ but will be applied for Multiplier3 /MultiplierBands/ q (default 2, 3 or 4 1 All HF Contest Bands 2 All HF Bands 3 All HF Contest Bands plus.Assuming you choose one of the languages that is there, Notepad will automatically start and open the Help file.
Length Comment r language sweep snttext 450 10 Sent exchange field rcvtext 450 15 Received exchange field (default 59 or 599) NameText 855 20 Name field, only letters allowed CommentText 1695 60 Comment field, space character allowed so space as tab does not work here SntNrTxt 625.
To start the UDC Editor by clicking.udc file, right-click on one of them, select "Open with "Choose program" and select "UDCeditor.
Will work with: SNT, SentNr, CallSign, RCV, RcvNr, Comment, GridSquare, Exchange1, Name, SentExch, SentExchPart1, SentExchPart2, SentExchPart3 Example: SNT, 4, SentNr, 4, CallSign, 13, RCV, 4, RcvNr, 4, Comment, 40 To add some number of spaces use Space, N (N - number of spaces) /GenericPrintString/ This.When you open an existing contest file, you will be warned to do a "Save." unless you intend to edit the file you have opened.Country and Zone) /BonusPoints/ Several bonus callsigns, dxcc entities, /P, /M or /QRP stations are allowed, use comma to separate bonus call from bonus points.Example: "Finnish Domestic VHF Contest" Contest section /Name/ This is the short name that will be used in the Contest Setup dialog.Example: arrl DX CW /CabrilloName/ Your choice, 15 characters maximum, no spaces allowed.Many contests (WPX is a good example) are more complicated.CountBandChangesPerPeriod/ True or False (default) If set to true Band Change Counter will be reset for every contest period/session (see MultipleSessions parameter).There are three ways that you can take advantage of the User Defined Contest feature: build your own UDC using the UDC Editor; use a text editor to build a UDC file, starting from a previous UDC file as a template; or download a UDC.Promptness issuing order: Select OneExcellentAdequatePoor, substantive knowledge of the law and understanding of issues: Select OneExcellentAdequatePoor.My DocumentsN1MM LoggerUserDefinedContests folder.If there is something wrong - you can keep editing it even while it is loaded in the Logger.StartOfContest/ see below Example 7,.5 First number - day of week (Saturday1, Sunday2, Monday3,., Saturday7) Second number - offset in hours (1.5 1 hour and 30 minutes) relative to GMT time,.e.There is no check for correctness of the value in this Editor at the moment.