de la riva sweep mendes

MY collar grip IS NOW stiff arming MY opponents neck anontinue TO step ON HIS thigh TO keep distance control.
If you want to learn some amazing discount furniture stores san antonio tx transitions and techniques from De La Riva Guard, check out AP De La Riva Guard DVD by Kristian Woodmansee. .
This WAS ONE OF THE main positions HE WAS drilling during HIS 2016 worlds training camp.MY free LEG IS stepping ON MY opponents bicep TO control THE distance.Professor rafael mendes: TO finish THE position, I feed THE lapel TO MY underhooking hand AND GO back motel discount code 2015 TO THE cross collar grip.De La Riva is one of the easiest guards to get into and it is a great way to get into other positions. .This means that your opponents may do many things that allow you to find DLR, for instance if you are playing butterfly guard, they may push you to the mat so your back is on the mat at which point you can get into DLR.Now you have very good control.
Many of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors in the world have innovated the infamous De La Riva Guard. .
DLR is one of the easiest guards to find and it presents itself extremely often.
This control putot OF pressure ON MY opponents knee AND makes IT hard FOR HIM TO posture.June 20, 2016, oVER THE past THE week, professor rafael mendes HAS been showing techniques from THE DE LA riva guard using THE underhook AND lapel control.This will slow your opponents passes down at which point you can get grips.This will strongly off-balance your opponent forward and to his left (your right).For instance, maybe you like spider guard, but couldnt get your sleeve grips initially, now you have found DLR and can transition into spider.I CAN NOW start TO attack THE back OR start putting MY opponents hips ON THE MAT TO sweep.For instance if someone pushes you to the mat all you have to do is put one foot on the hip and the other as a DLR hook and grab their ankle. .De La Riva presents itself very often and is easy to get into; you can also use De La Riva as a gateway to other great guard.De La Riva To Transition.