cutest baby contest 2015

January 2012 Emma Caption: Sweetie!
April 2017, jaxon, vote 4 me!October 2016, payton, payton the Pirate, september 2016.October 2011 Faith Caption: My little Angel September 2011 Emma Caption: sweetie!December 2011 Jeffrey Caption: Chunky Monkey!All I had to do was get my friends and family to vote." - Patricia.November 2013 sweep leather armchair Finn and Sadie October 2013 Payton Rose Caption: Happy Girl September 2013 Cadance Caption: My beautiful angel August 2013 Cruz Caption: Cruz July 2013 Isabella Caption: Isabella from Texas June 2013 Emma Caption: Birthday Girl May 2013 Caitlin Caption: I'm the cutest!
June perfect money voucher hack 2007 Anastasia Caption: I'm so adorable, vote for me MAY 2007 Imani Caption: Hey, Look.
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2017 Pandere Limited, 5 The Parsonage Gardens, Manchester, M3 2HS, England (Company.
January 2010 Austin Caption: Cutest Baby Smile December 2009 Malia Caption: Cutest baby ever!
MAY 2008 Peyton Caption: Our little elf april 2008 Ryan Caption: My Buba march 2008 India Caption: Aren't I an angel?
March 2017, macy, vote 4 me!
May 2015 Cole I'm the cutest!Featured 2017 Pandere Limited, 5 The Parsonage Gardens, Manchester, M3 2HS, England (Company.Mommie's miracle February 2012 Tatum Caption: Beautiful!August 2017, carter, say cheese!The precious Bailee received the most votes, followed by Cali and her happy grin in second place.September 2009 Tommy Caption: Young Handsome, vote4me!It is a nice, safe environment to share your cute kids with the world.March 2011 Kysir Caption: philadelphia February 2011 Justin Caption: Beautiful smile January 2011 Mia Isabella Garcia Caption: My adorable baby December 2010 Jayden Caption: My baby is the cutest November 2010 Cadence Caption: Come on vote for.November 2015 Ayden My beautiful angel October 2015 Jay Lee Cutest baby ever!