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Did you notice that Chipotles across the country were closed on Monday for lunch? .
Instead of sending Chipotle customers to budget promo code car rental a 404 page if they visited m/raincheck after 6:00 PM EST on February 8, 2016, they created the following message, telling customers that they just missed the SMS promotion, as you can see in the screencapture below.
Now, who knows if National Burrito Day existed back in 1986, but the point is that its dangerously easy to miss this very important holiday if you arent paying attention.Chipotle is no stranger to SMS marketing, as theyve been running SMS marketing campaigns in various forms since 2011.If we messed up your lunch plans, let us make it up to you: visit m/raincheck.choose your favorite combination of ingredients here is one instance when guacamole does not cost extra and enjoy the flavorful tune youve composed.There was no need for customers to enter their mobile phone number, as that variable was passed to the mobile website when they clicked on the link in the SMS autoresponder.If for some reason you didnt open up m/raincheck on your mobile phone, you still could access the website on your desktop computer.31, 2017, to use your offer link, so dont forget about it after you spend a few minutes mixing and matching fun sounds.When Ferris Bueller said, Life moves pretty fastif you dont stop and look around once in awhile, you might miss it, there was a small, but not improbable chance that he was referring to National Burrito Day.Never missing a chance to gain more SMS subscribers, Chipotle is telling customers that land on this page to scroll to the bottom of the website, to sign up for future offers and updates.
Below are some of the various Chipotle SMS campaigns weve written about here on the Tatango blog.
Below is Chipotles mobile coupon, offering a free burrito, burrito bowl, salad, or order of tacos.
Its National Burrito Day, goddammit.
Redemption of BUY-ONE/GET-ONE free offer is subject to availability.
Then the next day, Chipotle sent the following text message to those customers that had previously texted raincheck to 888-222, and filled out the mobile form.
Additional restrictions may apply; void where prohibited.Put them together and its a beautiful, complex piece of music, much like the flavors Chipotle wants you to enjoy.I thought youd never ask!When customers clicked on the link in the Chipotle SMS autoresponder, they were taken to the following mobile web page, where they asked for the customers first name, last name, and zip code.The catch: Each ingredient is represented by a sound.When the customer completed the mobile form, the customers mobile phone number was attached to the entry.Because lets be real when dont you need a fun distraction?Spot the Imposter by scrolling through a list of the chains ingredients and finding the hidden additive.FYI Every Chipotle restaurant in the country closed for lunch on February 8, 2016, so that employees could meet and discuss food safety strategy, following several reports.Chipotle will play your song back with beautiful visuals also inspired by the ingredients, according to a release, which will make you think of a fresh garden (and probably what youre going to get for lunch).Go to Chipotles website and play a game called.Must be original receipt - no copies.First, when a Chipotle customer approached one of the locations that were closed, they were greeted with the following sign on the door.