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Fortunately the expert team at Westwood Roofing has extensive experience in identifying, repairing and replacing damaged chimneys and chimney flashing as well. Prevention is better than cure, so if your great canadian freebies roof hasnât received the attention that it deserves in recent years, arrange a thorough roof inspection.
All our equipment, including the dust sheets, are custom made in the.
Westwood Roofing is a highly regarded and expert slate roofing company that offers comprehensive roof installation, repair and maintenance services throughout Sydney.Call in the experts for your chimney repairs.The consequences can be twofold.Â, repairing Chimney Flashing.Phone: Mobile: (0427) 981 929, aussie Fireplace Installations, contact: Location: Werrington County.If youâve noticed stains on your ceiling near where your chimney is, or youâve noticed other signs of water damage, then itâs highly possible that your chimney flashing needs to be repaired.However, a chimney that is cracked or falling into disrepair wonât be able to do this job properly.When your chimney flashing is damaged or old, or is beginning to pull away from the surrounding roof area, your home is at risk of damage from the elements.Our methods and equipment have been approved for the sole purpose of chimney cleaning in the.And Australia, recommended by The National Association of Chimney Sweeps.
Chimneys are designed to be smoke-proof, and funnel smoke from your wood fires up and out of your home.
Restoring and replacing chimney flashing involves ensuring that your flashing is perfectly cut and positioned to make sure that your chimney and roof remain waterproof.
Although cracks in the inner and outer walls of your chimney can be a highly visible sign of roof damage in need of repair, very often itâs actually the flashing around your chimney that is the culprit.
First, smoke and soot might permeate your home, and second, moisture from outside might begin to seep into your roof through the weakened chimney, potentially causing significant damage.Keeping your chimney and its flashing in good condition is essential if you want to protect your home from the elements.Phone: (02), mobile: Cheminees Chazelles, contact: Location: St Peters, phone: (02).Constructions Pty Ltd, contact: Location: Appin.Chimney flashing is a special type of sheet metal that joins your roof and chimney, and which is key to ensuring that your roof is waterproof.Our team of experienced roofing experts is pleased to offer flashing and chimney repairs, inspection, and maintenance services to help increase the longevity of your roofâand your property.Our operatives have over thirty years experience.