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So back we all.
We try and call the Australian Embassy clinic that is listed as one of the three preferred foreign clinics, but their pre-recorded message keeps saying weve called out of hours.
Theres got to be more than 20 people in biggest loser contestant lawsuit one boat paddling their hearts out along a stretch of the brown muddy coloured river.We finally head to bed.Once we arrive, we quickly and easily organise two taxis to drive us to our accommodation Vientiane Star Hotel for US7/taxi and we arrive at 12:30pm.I wander journal voucher defined off to the UXO LAO centre about 10 minutes away to witness the state of destruction from the second Indochina War (Vietnam War).I google play music all access discount cannot quite get my head around the number of buildings that have been built along the river.
And if youve ever been to South East Asia when its raining, that actually means its bucketing down!
Even today, after the partying has been regulated and the platoons dismantled, people are scared of tubing.
Were all listening to the same thing as we go about our lives.Sue grimaces with pain, and cant move her left leg at all without feeling terribly uncomfortable.So we have to get a friend of his to call around for an ambulance so he can communicate in Lao, while Steve uses the phone in between to try and get in contact with the travel insurance 24 hour 7 days a week reverse.In the meantime, the Friendship Hospital is clean but basic.This makes him sound like hes Superman!Its felt like its been a long time in the making.A win-win scenario that is working here in Luang Prabang.Now it is less known as this and more commonly referred to Lao PDR which stand for Lao Peoples Democratic Republic or as Tan shares with us Lao Please Dont Rush!