cake contest categories

Your cake may be as many tiers as you like with no height restriction. .
Intermediate, open to all cake artists, bakers, cake decorators, and non-professionals, who have been doing cakes for a minimum of 2 years, who do not earn a full-time living from selling cakes.
Your Scoring sheet with scores, comments, etc.
Such items can be used, but only on items that are created off of the cake and then attached, meaning that they could be removed prior to eating the cake if it were to be a real cake.Put it in the local newspaper, post it on social media and hang flyers in the windows of local businesses.Selections will be made on a first come, first serve basis.At the competition everything will be on one level, but you may need a dolly, cart, etc.Others can be found by searching for them online.Percentages of edible, armature, and rice crispies are all outlined in Cake Competition Rules and Regulations.Vote for your celebrity cake crush, the caker that you stalk the most on social media or just someone who is your hero!This year s theme is broadway, your entry is to be inspired by any show, musical, play on Broadway.The base board must not exceed 16x16 with no height restriction The cake must be entirely covered with edible material on the outside, (i.e.This can be done by using rolled fondant, fabric, paper, ribbon, etc.
Best show piece award sponsored BY roxy rich.
Your arrangement should fit in 16 space, and there are no height restrictions.
The cake world is full of fabulous, creative and fascinating people.
Your table must include a total of 4 desserts, swiss colony promo code free shipping 2014 including 1 single tier cake, 1 cookie display, and 2 of competitors choice, example: Macaroons, candy apples, cupcakes, chocolate pretzels, etc.
Depending on the design the boys choose, they may be asked to bake a layer cake to use in building the den cake.
Competition Level Qualifications: Master / professional, open to all professional / master cake artists, pastry chefs, cake decorators, bakers, and teachers.
In addition, competitors must have taken a minimum of 30 hours on hands on or online classes.The base must not exceed 14x14.Prior to the Cub Scout redesign, a fourth-grade boy was called a Webelos 1, and a fifth-grade boy was called a Webelos 2 in most packs to distinguish the two grades.While most cakes are made by individual boys, packs may decide to have a den cake bake where the members of each den work together to decorate a single cake.Note: there needs to be a minimum of 1/2 inch between the table and cake board base All cake boards need to be completely covered.Packs often select winners in categories such as these: Best Cub Scout Theme Cake, most Original Cake.Every competitor will be assigned a 5ft (60in) round table that is 2 ft 6in tall (30in).Tell the attendees to watch the bid sheet in case someone places a higher bid.Your assigned Registration Number will be the only identification permitted on your table.