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"We're very excited to have the top eaters in the world feasting on our burgers he said.
The White Hut World Cheeseburg Eating Championship At The Big E comes with bragging rights and a total prize purse of 4,000.
Norris does have the home field advantage, after all."Crazy Legs" Conti who once ate 400 oysters in one sitting, and also holds the world record for consuming buffet food will also be participating in the event.The Big E is located at 1305 Memorial Ave.And it's comforting to know that a local funeral home is one of the sponsors.".Nathan's Famous, fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest in Brooklyn's Coney Island neighborhood, adidas giving away free shoes is bringing its masticatory madness to The Big E on Sept.This contest will be held at 12pm on Saturday, September 17, 2016 on the xfinity Court Of Honor Stage at The Big E, 1305 Memorial Ave, West Springfield.Major League Eating is importing some of its biggest stars to slug it out er, chew it out in the contest, including Eric "Badlands" Booker and "Crazy Legs" Conti.While Badlands and Norris resemble NFL linemen, Crazy Legs, who grew up in Belmont, looks comparatively svelte next to the big bookends.Badlands has racked up some impressive victories in his competitive-eating career, including scarfing 49 glazed donuts in 8 minutes and downing 4 pounds of corned beef hash in under 2 minutes.Darby O'Brien, whose South Hadley PR firm is promoting the event.But as the annual Coney Island contest continues to prove, it's not the size of the competitor that matters.
Winners receive a trophy and bragging rights.
Cap off the final day.
Other big-name eaters will be announced in the coming days, according.
Major League Eating, the group responsible for.
Move over Nathans Hot Dogs, Zippys is having a Burger Eating Contest!
Meanwhile, Japan's 5-foot-8 Takeru Kobayashi is only 128 pounds, yet tiny Takeru holds Guinness records for gorging hot dogs, meatballs, Twinkies, tacos, and more.The contest begins at 2:00 pm on July 22nd.Sheas were born in Boston and raised mostly in Maine in a big family with no history of binge eating.Crazy Legs (Wikipedia crazy Legs is a Massachusetts native who was raised in suburban Boston.The event will bring together a number of renowned "big eaters and will take place at The Big E on its kickoff Saturday.EJ Barkett, owner of the iconic White Hut restaurant in West Springfield, says the contest will be a history-making event for the 77-year-old eatery.Stop by at 10:00 am on the day of the event to register and fill out your waiver.O'Brien's no fight handicapper, but he believes Norris Western Massachusetts' answer to Badlands could best the big man from New York.His claim to fame is that he once ate 400 oysters in a single sitting.That includes 2,000 for the first-place finisher, 1,000 for second place, 600 for third, 300 for fourth, and 100 for fifth.Think youve got what it takes to become the Takeru Kobayashi of hamburgers?