all x factor contestants 2013

Go little mex, definitely better than rhydian, the best group of all time in the x factor, should be in the top 20 at least.
It goes without saying that, rion Paige received a standing ovation from audience and judges when she blackies halloween surf contest 2014 finished her rendition of Carrie Underwoods.I feel, still today after 2 years, that I'm so blessed to discover him every single day.I love him so much!The world is his oyster and we are all anxiously waiting for more!I think she definitely should have won.Dami did not know most the songs she perform on X Factor.She is better than any other X factor contestant and definitely better than ONE direction.The boys are great singers and have some great songs!I agree, Leona has made a huge impact in a few years and is an amazing singer, but Alexandra has the natural performer aspect of a singer that makes me think she will b around for a long time.
I love them with all my heart and always will.
dragonfly99, how is she not first?
If he just played his guitar it would be amazing, but then he begins singing and WOW!
James Arthur is one of the most talented performers ever, let alone from X Factor!I like how all of her songs aren't focussed on love (ex: Oath is about friendship kmart coupon code 2015 etc.She is by far the best.Matt Cardle was good too but nothing compared to her.It'll be well worth it to experience such amazing talent in person.His warm and peaceful voice certainly spread positive vibes along with his beautiful original melody.This is inspiring, papa johns 50 cent pizza promo code touching, feel-good music that the world needs to hear.I live in very far away country and for them to be known here is just amazing and I just have to say I love zayn malik, louis tomlinson, harry styles, niall horan, AND liam payne.I will definitely be there.There are so many reasons for this.His music gets me pumped to face my 12 hour shift as an ICU nurse every morning, and chill out after a sometimes physically and emotionally exhausting day.Here's to many more successes, Taylor, and a long prolific career ahead.