1985 dunk contest winner

A year-by-year look at movietickets com harkins promotional code the NBA slam dunk contest winners since the event's inception in 1986: Year, winner (Team location 2017, glenn Robinson III (Pacers) New Orleans 2016, zach LaVine (Timberwolves) Toronto 2015, zach LaVine (Timberwolves) New York City 2014.
Fred Jones, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, Brent Barry, Dee Brown and at the moment, blake Griffin, John Wall Glenn Robinson III are "one-and-done" champions, in other words, players who won the contest in their only entry.Noted and true, but upon my having watched the 85 Contest on nbatv HD, and it was a different feel altogether.Nothing will probably top the 20 events, and though I abhorred 2001s showing, nothing has struck me with the boredom of 1985.An awkward side jam here, a remix version.Young MJ came along and soared for a little while in his signature black and red Air Jordan warm-ups, before stripping down to his matador red Chicago Bulls road uni.By Sandy Dover, its February 2010, 25 years since Michael Jordan broke out and revolutionized the game of basketball, and in doing so, one of his defining moments in his breakout year was the 1985 NBA Slam Dunk Championshipbut Im not going to get.The crowd was mesmerized, but the players seemed so cool, I was waiting for.
Freeze to come out and let everyone know that he spiked all the guys Gatorade with a delayed-action suspended animation concoction.
2000 Vince Carter (Raptors) Oakland 1997 Kobe Bryant (Lakers) Cleveland 1996 Brent Barry (Clippers) San Antonio 1995 Harold Miner (Heat) Phoenix 1994 Isiah Rider (Timberwolves) Minnesota 1993 Harold Miner (Heat) Salt Lake City 1992 Cedric Ceballos (Suns) Orlando 1991 Dee Brown (Celtics) Charlotte 1990 Dominique.
Even the shoes were quaint, if not downright mundane (all-whites with team hues as the trim colorsit wouldnt be a stretch to say that the kicks were about as square as a pack of white tube socks).
Venue 2017, glenn Robinson III, Ind, new Orleans, LA, smoothie King Center 2016.
Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls attempts a dunk during the 1987 Slam Dunk Contest on February 7, 1987 at Seattle Center Coliseum in Seattle, Washington.Zach Lavine, Min, toronto Air Canada Center 2015 Zach Lavine, Min Brooklyn, NY Barclays Center 2014 East Team - John Wall, Was New Orleans, LA New Orleans Arena 2013 Terrence Ross, Tor Houston, TX Toyota Center 2012 Jeremy Evans, Uta Orlando, FL Amway Center 2011.Terence Stansbury would make his initial appearance with an array of 360s and awkward tomahawk jams, which were highlighted further from his Statue of Liberty dunkthis was merely the first of missed opportunities in the affair.Gerald Green (Celtics) Las Vegas 2006, nate Robinson (Knicks) Houston 2005, josh Smith (Hawks) Denver 2004, fred Jones (Pacers) Los Angeles 2003, jason Richardson (Warriors) Atlanta 2002 Jason Richardson (Warriors) Philadelphia 2001 Desmond Mason (Sonics) Washington,.C.Rap and hip hop music werent the background to high-flying in the League and the players werent the muscular behemoths that they are in present day.He was mainly stoic and having already won, looked about as motivated to jump as Charles Barkley super bowl 2016 ticket sweepstakes is motivated to leave his leather recliner while downing a jelly donut.I repeat: this is a revisiting and not a play-by-play of the moment i n time.Zach LaVine ) have won the contest twice.Slam Dunk Results, records, yEAR, winner, location.The sheer power of Nique is magnified when you consider how sleek he was.